Cenith Innovations works with government agencies and commercial companies to modernize their systems and platforms, help them address their most challenging problems, increase efficiency, and simplify processes. We deploy our team of expert consultants to provide program management, product management, software and systems engineering, and user interface design.





Our team has operated at all levels of defense planning and execution, from the tactical to the strategic and everything in between. We understand the Department of Defense Corporate Process to get ideas funded and we know how to integrate new ideas into the joint force for warfighter needs.


Whether your existing team is looking for expert consulting in the latest offerings of A.I. & Machine Learning or in the distribution and deployment of systems utilizing Docker or Kubernetes our team can be injected to solve these challenging and complex problems.


We understand end-to-end development strategies and best practices to define client needs, provide momentum, and bring projects to completion. We tackle technology scouting, research and development, policy, programming, project management, developmental oversight, and field support.

Core Values

Customer Focus

Understand the customer’s perspective and focus all efforts toward solving the customer’s problems.

Focus Small; Aim Big

It is better to become a specialized master in a domain while aiming to disrupt it than it is to become a generalist who subscribes to the status quo.

Be Right

Our customers expect the right solution; take away guesses and hunches to create data-driven results.

Leadership Empowers

To lead means to hire the right people and empower and trust them to make decisions on the ground to act fast and iterate towards a goal.

Be Curious

Solving hard problems means being humble and curious about alternative solutions and perspectives to gain new insights.

Iterate & Experiment

The best way to improve technology, policy, and process is to try many possible solutions at once, while quickly evaluating their merit with an open mind.