A Year in Review

…and what a year to review! 2020 brought challenges no one saw coming. With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the world, the Cenith team was forced to react and adapt. Normally we love being able to travel to Air Force Bases, meet up with customers, and have company outings. This year we have been confined to Zoom meetings while our kids (and dogs) ran in and out of the room. 

While things were not “business as usual”, Cenith Innovations had a tremendously successful year! Our company grew by over 130% new employees, expanding our Remote Work Force to 3 new locations. We acquired 4 new contracts and task orders putting us in a perfect position to grow further in 2021. 

logo Cenith Innovations
logo Cenith Innovations

The Cenith Squad was extraordinary in 2020. Tackling all the obstacles that the year threw at us, we were able to successfully navigate an insane year. 2020 was topped off by a Holiday Virtual Escape Room which we were able to “escape” with 15 minutes to spare! 


Thank you to the Cenith Team and to all our customers this year. There are many great things coming for us in 2021, including a new look for Cenith!