Spotlight on Lauren

Welcome to our “Spotlight On” Series where we highlight the talents, passions, and personalities of Cenith Employees. This week we will be learning more about Lauren and all of her adventures. Enjoy!

What are you most excited about working for Cenith?

I’m most excited for the opportunity to work on a capability from inception to fielding. Though a little daunting, the ability to contribute to building a whole new technical baseline is a thrilling prospect.

What do you like to do outside of work? 

I love to get outside and hike a good long trail in a National Park. At home, my husband and I also really enjoy cooking, reading science fiction, and savoring a finely aged wine.

What’s an unexpected talent that you have?

I’m quite out of practice, but I used to compete in Latin & Ballroom Dance in college. When everything calms down, I’d love to get back out on the floor for some West Coast Swing!

What do you do at Cenith?

I’m a Systems Engineer here at Cenith. In this role, I provide support in planning, defining, & integrating technical requirements into advance system architectures.

What brought you to Cenith?

I’ve previously held engineering roles at a large defense contractor. While it was exciting to deliver a finalized aircraft, design and program decisions were usually so solidified that there was little room to have a program-wide impact. At Cenith, there is a vast amount of opportunity to make those impacts much earlier in the lifecycle.